Product Enhancements

Product Enhancements

For complex OEM applications or highly sensitive industries, enhancing o-rings, seals and other parts with coatings, treatments or state-of-the-art technology provide an excellent solution. Great Lakes Rubber has extensive capabilities to enhance parts and products that limit operational errors and ensure superior end-product performance.

“New technologies are constantly evolving. That’s why we like to understand our customers’ needs and be ahead of the curve with solutions to help them compete.”

The GLR Advantage

Comprehensive Analysis

Our engineers begin each project with a clear understanding of your objectives so that we consider all methods and options for a successful outcome.

Total Quality Management

Quality is not a department at Great Lakes Rubber, it is part of our culture and why OEMs have depended on us for nearly 70 years.

Executional Excellence

Our self-motivated employees bring a strong work ethic and genuine commitment to going the extra mile to meet your needs and deadlines, one of the family values we prioritize at GLR.