Offering a massive selection of o-ring sealing products and solutions using an extensive domestic and international supplier network to meet all OEM requirements for volume, performance and budgets. GLR’s quality and testing standards ensure that all compounds are formulated to meet the most stringent industry standards including FDA, USP, KTW, DVGW, BAM, WRAS (WRC), NSF, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Aerospace (AMS) and many other customer-specific requirements.

Product Sub-Categories

  • O-Rings

  • Spliced Rings

    Spliced Rings
  • Back-Up Rings

    Back-up Rings
  • Quad Rings

    Quad Rings
  • D-Rings

  • Square Rings

    Square Rings
  • Teflon Rings

    Teflon Rings
  • Metal

    Metal O-Rings
  • Coated O-Rings

    Coated O-Rings
  • O-Ring Kits

    O-Ring Kits