GLR Strengthens Its Team with Key Roles

GLR has had tremendous success in the last year which allowed the opportunity to add more team members to its core. This summer alone GLR has managed to fill 3 key roles that will provide quality, support, and expansion to the company and its valued customers.

Nick Prorok was recently hired to be GLR’s quality engineer. His role is to continue to uphold GLR’s high standard of quality. He also overseas any compliance issue or quality alert and ensures we are following the guidelines of our ISO certification. Having him on the team is crucial to the operation. His experience and knowledge will help GLR to higher success. He will also push the company to have more efficient processes to enhance the operation overall.

Nick Prorok

Erik Matijevich is GLR’s new network technician and will play a vital role in GLR’s network and infrastructure. He will be the point person on server administration, network security, and support, strengthening GLR’s ability to bring our customers the best service possible. As we expand, he will work with our technology department to enhance productivity through improved structures and processes.

Erik Matijevich

Trevor Labelle is the new addition to GLR’s sales team. He is located at the Portland office. He will be monumental in expanding GLR’s reach on the west coast. He has proven relationships from his 8 years of sales experience in the industrial industry. This is key to the growth of GLR and creating long lasting relationships with new business.

Trevor Labelle