GLR Launches SCANopy & Fluid Logic Websites

Great Lakes Rubber is proud to announce the launch of two new websites related to our Industrial portfolio—SCANopy and Fluid Logic.

New Fluid Logic Website

Fluid Logic specializes in the manufacturing of premiere hydraulic valves and systems for high water based (HWCF) and low viscosity hydraulic fluids. Fluid Logic blends advance technology into the design of directional control valves, proportional valves, descale valves, pressure control valves, isolation valves and other engineered specialty products. To get in contact with the team visit us today at

GLR Launches SCANopy

SCANopy is Great Lakes Rubber’s new proprietary inventory management technology. SCANopy allows customers to track their inventory in real time using passive RFID scanning using advanced antennas. SCANopy provides more accurate information for buying product, reduces lost inventory, and improves inventory levels. For more info visit us at today!