GLR Invests in its Local Communities and its Team Members

In 2022, GLR has been investing heavily into the community, company culture, and its employees. As you have read in the previous newsletters, GLR has expanded significantly in the last year adding a total of 4 companies to our “family”. GLR is centered around its culture and believes it is important to get involved in each of the location’s communities. Starting with our headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.

In our Milwaukee community we have chosen to get involved in two foundations, “Feeding America” and “River Revitalization”. Feeding America is a United States nonprofit that is centered on feeding millions and millions of Americans each year through resources such as food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.

GLR working with Feeding America

On Earth Day, GLR partnered with River Revitalization Foundation, a local organization dedicated to establishing a parkway for public access, walkways, recreation, and education. Bordering the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers, River Revitalization seeks to use the rivers to revitalize surrounding neighborhoods and improve water quality. With six volunteers from GLR, we helped to plant over 50 trees on the banks of the Milwaukee River on a mild, rainy spring day in Milwaukee.

GLR working with River Revitalization Foundation on Earth Day 2022

We encourage our team to get involved to help grow and cultivate our culture into a championship level team throughout all our locations. Investing in human capital and providing resources to grow professionally and personally within GLR is essential to the culture of the company. We are creating a culture that fosters continuous self-improvement and allows our team members opportunities to give back to the communities that they themselves and the company are a part of. Overall, we want to be a champion company and a champion to our communities.