The Great Lakes Industrial Group Acquires Accu-traq

Great Lakes Industrial has acquired Accu-Traq in Phoenix, AZ. Accu-traq is a software company that provides real time location services using automated passive RFID technology. Accu-traq also helped the Great Lakes Industrial Group develop and launch its own proprietary VMI software, SCANopy, earlier this year. The move to acquire Accu-Traq first started in June of 2022 as GLI looked to expand their technological capabilities in an effort to become a leading value-add industrial supplier. The deal was signed September 22, 2022.

“The Accu-Traq acquisition is the perfect cornerstone for our strategic vision of sustaining growth by offering technical solutions to our customers,” said Ben Stanczyk, SVP of Finance. “The innovative SCANopy RFID technology creates huge opportunities in consumable vendor managed inventory (VMI) space, while AccuTraq’s real time locating system (RTLS) applications opens doors to new un-tapped market potential for GLI. This really differentiates us, adding more value to our already vast product offering.”

The acquisition of Accu-Traq fits into GLI’s vision to sustain growth by offering technical solutions to GLI’s customers through innovative thinking, trusted quality, and unparalleled service. Purchasing Accu-Traq allows GLI to offer customers additional resources to enhance their operations and provide them with real time access to their durable and non-durable inventory. This is also in line with GLI’s three key priorities of embracing technology, seeking new demand spaces, and becoming a leading value-add industrial supplier. GLI enhances its new Vendor Managed Inventory platform, SCANopy, with this acquisition and makes us a leader in the durable and non-durable goods inventory management space.

“Accu-Traq helps advance our next-generation vendor managed inventory capabilities and expand GLI’s industrial services into high-value asset monitoring”, said Ryan Klooster, SVP of Operations. “It signals GLI’s commitment to being a leading voice in our industry as well as being a valuable partner for our customers both today and in the future.”